“I come from a family of skilled carvers and cabinet makers, I have a diploma in Graphic Arts and I studied

cello and piano at the Conservatory of Padua. For 25 years I worked in my company as a cabinet maker,

and this allowed me to deepen my knowledge and skills in all aspects of wood.

I built my first guitar under the guidance of Maestro Giampaolo Manica, with Maestro Aloysius Lanaro

I was a pupil for the construction of bows, and in carving with Maestro Davide Burgio.

The search to learn about the various schools of the great luthiers, both in Italy and abroad,

led me to visit Maestro José Romanillos in Spain, and to short internships with Maestro Kazuo Sato (JP),

Michael Batell (USA), Jan Tulacek (CZ). For the study of materials and sound physics,

I attended courses held by Trevor Gore (AUS) and Dot. Martino Quintavalla (IT).

I combine my emotions with a scientific approach at every stage of design and execution, this allows me to build instruments that offer a personal and unique sound.

I listen to and interpret wood

I am fascinated by the great luthiers of the past and I have studied their work with attention and curiosity,

starting with Antonio de Torres, Robert Bouchet, David Rubio, Daniel Friederich and José Romanillos.

I rework their designs according to my sensitivity and the sound I am looking for: deep,

very projective and with good sustain; warm, exciting and rich in harmonics with infinite nuances

as in the instruments of the Spanish and French masters.

By studying and comparing the various construction theories and techniques, I have developed my own designs,

all with traditional construction.


Hommage à Daniel Friederich

Available in two versions:

Gran Concerto: exclusive mechanics and richly decorated, and
Concerto: simple elegant purfling, but with the same sound performance

Other Models

New Classic Model, Homage to Granada and Cedar Power

In 2021 I won first prize, gold medal, and second prize at the “XII Concorso Internazionale di Liuteria ANLAI
in Pisogne (BS), Italy (BS)
and in 2023 Finalist at the” VI Concurso International de Construcción de Guitarras
Antonio Marin Montero” in Granada (ES) and my instruments are known and appreciated both in Italy and abroad.
I exhibit at the most important Italian and European festivals.