“Following my experience and instinct, I plan thicknesses and bracing

by carefully considering which wood to use for the body.

By lightly tapping the board I can evaluate the propagation of sound waves both longitudinally

and transversely, by sliding my fingers along the surfaces I can start to hear the “voice” of the instrument.

By gently bending the wood I test for elasticity and the “texture” of the fibres.”

All work is carried out in my Atelier, each guitar is the result of a careful study where all elements

create a unique and special instrument.

I start from a project that I develop by designing every detail according to the type of sound I want to achieve.

For the soundboards I use spruce (Picea albies) from the forests of Latemar, Val di Fiemme and Tarvisio

or American red cedar (Thuja plicata).

Sometimes people ask me which one I prefer, which is the best, they are simply different, I love them both,

enhancing their merits and characteristics in the building process.

I carry out numerous scientific and traditional checks to determine the actual qualities.

Following my experience and instinct, I plan thicknesses and gluing by carefully choosing the woods

to be combined for the back and sides.

For the gluing of struts bars and bridges I use the vacuum technique, which reduces stress on the materials. 

My guitar production is divided into

Classical Line and Historical Line.

I carry out fine-tuning, repairs, shellac lacquering and embossing on old instruments…