"Following my experience and my intuition, I plan the various dimensions, the thicknesses and the bracing, carefully choosing the raw materials to match the backs and sides of the body."

All operations are carried out by me in my own workshop, and each guitar is the result of a careful study where all the parts and raw materials unite to create a unique and special instrument.

I start a project by designing every detail according to the type of sound I am looking for.

For soundboards I use spruce (Picea albies) from the forests of Latemar, Val di Fiemme and Tarvisio or American red cedar (Thuja plicata).

Sometimes I am asked if I prefer spruce or cedar, and which is the best. Frankly they are simply different, I love them both and enjoy working intensely to bring out their quite different qualities and characteristics.

To test the quality and suitability of my raw materials I make numerous scientific and traditional acoustic checks.

For the gluing of fan-struts, braces, harmonic bars, and bridges I use a suitable vacuum technique which does not place the parts under stress.

I produce three lines of guitars, Classic Line, Modern Line and Historical Line:

Linea Classica, Linea Moderna e Linea Storica.

I do maintenance on all guitars, as well as repairs. When I make historical instruments I always draw a special construction plan of the original.