“Philological copy” of an guitar from Antonio de Lorca 1838 Malaga in the Brigitte Zaczek Collection, Vienna.

All details are carefully recreated; from the rosette to the bridge with mother-of-pearl inlays,

from the exquisite shape given to the fingerboard as it borders the soundhole, to the ebony ‘pinky rest’

with its double purfling laid into the soundboard.

The proportions of the body are particularly elegant with its smooth curves.

The soundboard is spruce, and the Brazilian rosewood body has marbled maple purfling.

The sound is lively, full of nuances and colours and powerful. Together with an impressive sustain

which adds to the emotion and magic of a timeless voice.


  • Scale: 635mm.
  • Soundboard: Abete Val di Fiemme
  • Incatenatura: like original
  • Body: Brazilian Rosewood
  • Neck: Cedrella odorosa
  • Fingerboard: 6 holes in African ebony and mother of pearl
  • Bridge6 holes in African ebony and mother of pearl
  • Turners: traditional pegs