There are emotions that divide the timeline into a ‘before’ and an ‘after’. 

In Vienna I can say that I met my destiny while listening to a splendid concerto by M° Alvaro Pierri.

The great concert guitarist performed on two instruments built by the French luthier Daniel Friederich,

one in spruce and one in cedar, both wonderful. I analyzed various construction plans and personally performed

many surveys on M° Friederich’s instruments and was always impressed by the essentiality, craftsmanship

and perfection in their construction. From here began my new adventure, an “after” where years of construction

and experience were added to the research and study of the various instruments built by this great master

and each instrument of mine is a tribute to his art. To the mechanical specifications intrinsic study of the materials

of each part of the instrument, I have added my experience, my sensitivity,

and the infinite love with which I dedicate myself to my work.