I commissioned a Gran Concerto - Hommage à Daniel Friederich guitar from the Italian luthier, Donatella Salvato.
From the moment I first laid my hands on it, I knew I had found something truly special;
it is a masterpiece in every sense, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my decision.
This instrument is an absolute gem; The tonal qualities are extraordinary, with a rich, warm sound that sings with every note. Whether playing delicate passages or powerful chords, the guitar responds with clarity, depth.
It’s a joy to explore the full range of expression this instrument offers. In terms of playability, it’s hard to imagine
a guitar that feels more comfortable in my hands.
The neck is perfectly shaped, allowing for effortless movement up and down the fretboard. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my Donatella Salvato guitar. It’s a testament to her skill and dedication as a luthier,
and I look forward to many years of making music with this exceptional instrument. In all aspects of this instrument. I am beyond elated and wholeheartedly recommend her guitars to any musician seeking perfection.
Thank you Donatella!!!
Carlos Castilla
Concert guitarist
For me, Donatella Salvato’s new guitars have a beautiful deep warm sound with excellent projection in all registers; all combined with a natural and emotional singing voice, which for our instrument is so important.
Aniello Desiderio
"I have been following the work of Donatella Salvato for some years. Just as there are excellent guitar players, there are also excellent guitar builders. Due to the passion, patience and intelligence with which she conducts her investigations and work I am confident that she will achieve the great results which I, with esteem and affection, expect of her."
Angelo Gilardino
Composer, guitarist, teacher, researcher and author
"The guitars of Donatella Salvato tell of expert craftmanship guided by extraordinary sensitivity. They are comfortable to play, with a beautiful sound and possess that rare characteristic of being able to express those special moments in musical interpretation which the guitar repertoire obliges. Possibly, as each guitar bears a woman’s name, all of them clearly manifest the intelligence, subtelty and beauty that they all possess."
Josè Ruiz del Puerto
Concert Guitarist, Valencia (Espagne)
"The guitars of Donatella Salvato possess a crystalline and clear sound which is both fresh and charming. They are the ideal companion for any player of the six strings.​"
Giulio Tampalini
Concert Guitarist, Italy
"I personally like the colour and timbre of Donatella Salvato's guitars. Their sound is warm and flexible with a huge range of subtle nuances. They are also particularly easy to play, and the accuracy and precision of the fretboard reveal her high skills as a luthier. Every little detail is very precisely taken into consideration in her guitars. Donatella continues her family's long tradition of wood-working by creating true works of art which sing clearly with a most beautiful tone."
Alberto Mesirca
Concert Guitarist, Italy
"The guitars of Donatella Salvato are very special, they are rich in colour and poetry and possess every quality that the sensitive and intelligent guitarist needs."
Christian Seggese
Concert Guitarist, Italy
"A guitar from Donatella Salvato is always a joy and a pleasure to play. Each one is unique, at the same time they are all identifiable with the characteristics in all guitars from this workshop - a beautiful sound and subtle powers of expression. The workmanship is immaculate and they are very fairly priced."
Michael Macmeeken
Founder, Chanterelle Verlag
"The guitars created by Donatella Salvato are rich and profound in tonal colours, with beautiful sonorities throughout the fingerboard. Each instrument has a distinct personality of immense warmth and responsiveness. It was a joy to discover such guitars - Donatella Salvato is a worthy contemporary representative of the magnificent and long established Italian traditions of instrument making"
Graham Wade
Guitarist, author and researcher

"I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to Donatella Salvato for her Art .

Her guitars have a delightfully lively sound and well balanced. Absolutely recommendable for young guitarists!"

Domenico Lafasciano
Guitarist, author and researcher