“I come from a family of skilled carvers and inlayers, I graduated as a Master in Graphic Arts and studied the cello at the Conservatory of Padua.


For 25 years I worked in my own business as an inlayer, this allowed me to deepen my knowledge and skills in all aspects of wood and woodworking.


I built my first guitar under the guidance of M° Giampaolo Manica, I studied bow-making with M° Aloysius Lanaro, and wood carving with M° Davide Burgio.


Curious to know the different schools of guitar-making, I visited for short stays M° José Romanillos in Spain, Michael Batell and Kazuo Sato in Germany, as well as Jan Tulacek in the Czech Republic.


I am fascinated by the great luthiers of the past and I study their works with respect, attention and curiosity, starting from Antonio de Torres, Robert Bouchet, David Rubio, Daniel Friederich, and up to José Romanillos. I rework their projects according to my intuition and the character of the sound I am looking for. By studying and comparing the various theories and construction techniques, I began developing my personal projects in traditional and modern styles, such as lattice bracing and double tops.

I regularly exhibit my guitars at important Italian and European festivals.”