""The instrument is constructed by combinig carbon-fibre and balsa wood. The "lattice-bracing" construction offers more power, volume and sound projection, without losing the excitement of a sensitive instrument responsive in all registers. A wide choice of woods is on offer, the ergonomic line of the neck can be made tomeet particular requirements, and the fingerboard can be either conventional or raised.""
Donatella Salvato

Caratteristiche tecniche

  • Diapason: 650mm.
  • Piano armonico: Abete Val di Fiemme
  • Incatenatura: Lattice-brace Carbonio/Legno
  • Corpo: Palissandro Indiano
  • Manico: Mogano Kaja
  • Tastiera: 20 tasti in Ebano Africano
  • Ponte: 12 fori in Palissandro Indiano
  • Meccaniche: Perona